Miami Cops Willing to Endanger Fans & Players Because They’re Upset Players Protesting Against Police Brutality


I just want to point out Dolphins players went to their local communities and police departments to try to work on a solution to police brutality and this is how the cops have responded.

The head of the union representing Miami-Dade police officers said there will be less than the “ideal” number of officers at Hard Rock Stadium for Sunday’s Dolphins-New York Jets game after officers eschewed the detail in reaction to Dolphins’ players national anthem protests.

Dade County Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera said Sunday morning the police presence will be “the minimal amount where they feel safe, but I don’t think they’re going to have the ideal amount.”

Since last season, Stills and Michael Thomas, joined by Julius Thomas this season, have participated in programs with local law enforcement and citizens discussing the issues.

So, players are doing their part, but the cops are showing they are still racist and willing to brutalize the people of color.

That is why they kneel.


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