OJ Simpson Poses For New Driver’s License Photo

How TMZ managed to get their hands on this photo will bewilder me but then again, they are ninjas. OJ Simpson continues to try to adjust back to regular civilian life and up next on his list, driver’s license.

Do you remember the joy you had when you got your license? I bet now its nuisance to want to drive. OJ Simpson is off to new ventures and as we can all see, a driver’s license is imperative.

Again, how TMZ got these photos is hilarious. But we see you, OJ-grab life by the driving wheel.

Erika Fernandez

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5 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Poses For New Driver’s License Photo

  • Make sure you report when he poops! GTFOH with this stalking mess! Leave him alone. He has paid his debt to society.

    Y’all need to be reporting and investigating why Sgt LaDavid Johnson was left behind and not found for 48hrs and why they were killed because of bad intel from 45 and his military advisors.
    Get out of OJs ass and get in 45s ass!

  • Why is OJ being stalked?? Oh nvm, I know why. Isn’t some type of crime to take sneak photos in a state gov bld or something??

  • Let that man live sheesh…. go find Zimmerman and report his every move.

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