Racists Savannah Sugg & Haley Perea Wanted Attention for Throwing Drink at Teens Sitting For Anthem, So Let’s Give it To Them (Video)


Here is what we know about Savannah Sugg and Haley Perea.

They go to Cal Baptist, Sugg threw coffee on a man sitting for anthem and this was at the Staples Center.

So, here is what is going to happen. She is going to get a lifetime ban from Staples and every arena in the country. I want their school to respond to this and frankly I think the police should be involved as a hate crime.

Haley & Sugg  are Trump supporters.

If these things aren’t addressed, then I am going to start making some calls.

Flip the page for the disgusting video, they have tried to delete their social media pages but it isn’t going to save her.



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