Roger Goodell on Meeting With Cops & Talking About Making Players Stand, But Not About Getting Vacations For Murder


You know why no one takes the NFL at face value when it comes to the protest against racism and police brutality? Because when they have an opportunity to speak about the real issues they make it about the flag and anthem.


This entire conversation with the cops should have been about police brutality and killing unarmed black people, but nope.

Then the truth really came out.

They don’t care about racism they care more about their sponsors.


  1. Co mon peeps its not about race, as long as those in the NFL(NEGROS FOR LEASE) keep playing and shut up we gonna give em some chips, not the billions they bring in for us, just a couple million and drop they ass when injuries prevent them from running down our fields oh and no insurance after its over hope yall save yo money

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