School Tries to Explain How They Didn’t Realize Putting a Little Black Girl in Ropes Could Be Interpreted as Slavery


Seriously, I don’t know what is going on in the world.

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people.

Here is the school’s explanation.

A Massachusetts school district has apologized after a photograph of a visit by a Pilgrim reenactor to one of its elementary schools was mistaken for a slavery recreation.

The photo, taken at Mitchell Elementary School in Bridgewater, shows a young black girl on her knees in front of a pair of white children, who hold strings connected to the dress on her back. A white Pilgrim actress stands behind them.

The educator, dressed as a Pilgrim, demonstrated clothing worn by people in the 17th century – particularly the tethering straps or leading strings worn by toddlers.

Those were cloth leads connected to the back of toddlers’ clothes, used to keep them upright while they were learning to walk, he said. The black girl had been roleplaying the part of a toddler, not a slave.

‘We realize without this context added to the photo that was shared by the classroom teacher it could be perceived differently,’ he said.

‘Please note it was never the intent of the lesson to demean or degrade any one person or group.

‘The Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District sincerely apologizes to the students, staff and community at large for this unfortunate incident.’

People are SO STUPID.

Please think before you do dumb stuff like this.


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