Twitter Been Debating for Days if Russell Wilson Being Sweet Will Get Him Cheated On (Video)

We live in a world now where loyalty, outward appreciation for your woman and being a sweetheart is now viewed a weakness and something that will end up costing you as a man in the end.

Take Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson.

To help his songstress wife celebrate her 32nd birthday — The singer received a birthday message from her football hubby and he went all out with the word play.

“Hey, C! You know, a lot of people say that they’re your number one fan, but I’m actually your number one fan—without a doubt,” the Seattle Seahawks quarterback said in an Instagram video. “I just want to say you’re the best women I know, the best mom I know, the best wife I know, the best thing I could ever imagine.”

“I thank God every day that he brought you into my life,” he continued. “There is so much I could say right now, but I just love you and I am grateful for you. There are a lot of people who love you, but I love you the most. OK, we love you. Thanks, mama.”

Wilson ended the video by blowing a kiss.

Social media went ballistic — labeling the Seahawks star “too sweet” — while questioning whether or not that will leave him succeptible to being cheated on.

Is Wilson too nice?

Or we in a day and time where being loyal, loving and all in for your women makes you a sucka?

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8 thoughts on “Twitter Been Debating for Days if Russell Wilson Being Sweet Will Get Him Cheated On (Video)

  • Maybe he did the cheating which resulted in this sappy stuff? At least Kobe bought his woman a huge diamond ring.

  • Geesh it’s her birthday. Can’t he do special things for his wife omg

  • Pathetic. But this comes from a cohort of people who have never seen a functional relationship.

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