A Look Back A Miguel Cotto’s Remarkable Career (Video)


It’s time to hang up the gloves and look forward to a great retirement. 37-year-old Miguel Cotto can look back at his career and feel accomplished in every way. HBO Sports paid a tribute to his career.

To quote what some have been saying, the Puerto Rican Day Parade will never be the same as many of you know that he typically loved to box on the eve of that glorious event in NYC. This Saturday, Miguel Cotto will be making his way down to the ring in Madison Square Garden. Cotto is typically a quiet man but that night, we will see his emotions in full swing as quite possibly, the greatest Puerto Rican boxer calls it quit.

In the above tribute, Cotto discusses his time away from family. Something he didn’t expect also appeared on there as his family shared what he truly means to them. Cotto was moved to tears.

We have to thank the boxing gods for giving us this talented boxer who boxed in four different weight classes. Make sure to look out for Freddie Roach on Saturday, December 2, as Cotto is set to take on Sadam Ali.

This is a great opportunity for Ali.