Bermane Stiverne Says Deontay Wilder Been Ducking Him. Will Wilder Deliver Tonight?

The much awaited fight is finally here. Deontay Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne is set for tonight. Will Wilder destroy Stiverne’s career tonight? Well, that’s what’s being promised.

Fight night at the Barclays Center just means one thing-you better tune in or make sure to show up. The stage is set for Deontay Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne and already so much trash has been said on both parts. It’s time to put the gloves where their mouths are at. If you recall, Wilder was supposed to fight Luis Ortiz but Ortiz failed a drug test. Wilder made incredible accusations regarding Ortiz so failing the drug test was probably the icing on the cake.

In you case you didn’t know, there is a title on the line. Wilder is definitely the one with much more at stake than Stiverne since his title is there. While it is a heavy weight match, it’s worth nothing that Stiverne weighs much more than Wilder. Wilder is at 220 and Stiverne is at 254. You might feel those punches in the crowd.

One thing that many might not really know is that this is a rematch.

“Stiverne was the only man to survive the ‘Alabama Slammer’ and avoid a knockout. When I knock him out, then nobody will be able to say they made it through against me. He was nothing but a lot of lumps and excuses after the first fight.”

Their first encounter is something that was referenced a lot during the final press conference.

“Winner takes all. I am a man of my word. We’ve heard Bermane Stiverne say these same things before. We’ve heard it all before. What happened the first time? Everybody knows. Hopefully he doesn’t get dehydrated this time.”
Someone please hand Wilder the award for being the most petty. He knows his opponent and he’s been here before. But can he do it again? As you can see, our title caters to that because that’s something that Stiverne has pointed out. Has Wilder indeed been avoiding this rematch?
“Deontay Wilder has been trying to duck me. He’s been giving a lot of excuses about my career. He should be happy if I’ve been inactive. He should be jumping in the air. Everyone knows that means he’s scared. He knows what time it is.”
It’s been a couple of years since the two meet again in the ring. Stiverne knows that he’s the underdog yet again. Wilder is the clear favorite and has a few things to his advantage such as height and age. So, we wouldn’t call it ducking. Perhaps Wilder didn’t want to waste his time.
“I feel great and I feel strong. There will be no excuses this time. I can guarantee you this. I’m 100 percent this time.
Deontay said he fears for my life. Well, I don’t fear for his life. I’m going to do whatever it takes to grab that title. And I’ll walk away with a smile on my face.
Stiverne knows that he’s not exactly the same considering his age (he’ll be 40 next year). Stiverne will attempt to bring new tricks to the ring but Wilder might have him all figured out by now.
Our prediction? Wilder will be the winner again and will hold a prestigious spot as the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
You also have a great fight-Shawn Porter vs Adrian Granados. These two have been extremely cordial so we suggest for you all to just tune in tonight to see the future of boxing.
Tune in tonight on Showtime to catch the action at 9 pm.

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