Check Out Behind The Scenes Footage of Colin Kaepernick’s GQ Shoot (Video)

The crowd cheers, Colin, Colin, Colin… Yup, shoutout GQ Magazine for celebrating a man in Colin Kaepernick for his movement. The last time Kaep grazed the cover of GQ, he was a San Francisco 49er, he was the future of that franchise.

Fast forward four years and Kaep is being blackballed from the NFL because he took a knee regarding social injustice in the United States. He might have lost his job as a professional QB, but he’s become symbol of resistance with all the negative going on. That message alone speaks to the type of character Kaep has, and one has to respect that, at the least.

Enjoy the video as Kaep hit’s up Harlem for this monumental GQ moment. Again thanks GQ Magazine for sharing, flip the page for the dope visual.