Coach Jerry Jones Gives a Pep Talk to Cowboys & Talks to Media About If He’s Planning to Fire Jason Garrett (Video)

If you didn’t know already Jerry Jones is the coach of the Cowboys.

With the Cowboys suffering a third straight loss, it was Jones not Jason Garrett who decide it was time to speak to the team.

After his team’s third straight loss by 20 or more points, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones met with players and coaches in the locker room Thursday. But it was not to threaten the jobs of players and coaches.

Jones acknowledged that the Cowboys “are not a good team right now” after the 28-6 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers at AT&T Stadium, but he backed the players, coach Jason Garrett and the rest of the staff.

Jones was careful with his words regarding the future of Garrett, the Cowboys’ head coach since 2011, and the rest of the staff.

“I don’t want to look like they’re getting the proverbial endorsement,” Jones said. “That’s not what’s happening, the vote of confidence. I want to say it the best I can. That’s not what I’m saying. I feel good about our staff. I’m not equivocating about it. This is not the negative vote of confidence at all. I feel real good about [the staff].”

Jerry likes that he can control Garrett, so I wouldn’t expect him to fire him any time soon.

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