Conor McGregor Tells Irish Mob ‘Come and Get Me’ After Leaving Court (Video)

It’s already been reported that Conor McGregor was allegedly involved in a bar fight with the Kinahan drug cartel recently and McGregor is doing nothing to stop those rumors. The Kinahan drug cartel have been linked to murders as well as drug busts and so much more. These are seriously dangerous people, but McGregor doesn’t seem to care at all.

McGregor continues to taunt the crew and take this situation as a big joke. We first saw his IG post referring to himself as “The Celebrity” that was involved in the bar fight, now today he was seen taunting the crew once again.

Uproxx reports McGregor was in court today to fight a speeding ticket and he was seen leaving in a track suit with the hoodie covering his face trying to imitate how a criminal would look when they leave court and are trying to avoid having their face seen by the public. When McGregor was in his car he began yelling “Come and get me,” to the press.