Dana White on Not Wanting Ronda Rousey to Return to UFC and What She Refuses To Do (Video)

Ronda Rousey is making no effort to return to the octagon and Dana White has no problem if she never returns. In fact, he would prefer it.

At a recent press conference for the Ultimate Fighter Finale, White told MMAJunkie.com explained why he’s against a Rousey return to the Octagon.

“I wouldn’t want to see it,” White told MMAjunkie. “I don’t want it to have to happen. I care about her, and she’s got enough money. She’s got enough money and all of that stuff. I don’t want to see it happen.”

White also confirms that Rousey has yet to officially retire and still receives visits from USADA for random drug tests.

“She has not retired,” White said on Tuesday. “USADA is still popping up at her house testing her, but she refuses to retire.”

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know,” White said. ” … She’s not ready to say, ‘I quit.’ She’s not ready to say, ‘I’m done,’ for whatever reason. She doesn’t tick like everyone else ticks.

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