Details on Conor McGregor’s Alleged Bar Fight in Ireland With a Cartel Henchman

Conor McGregor may, or may not, have had a fight recently. The problem is, it didn’t involve Nate Diaz or anyone else in the UFC. The scuffle reportedly took place against a cartel henchman.

Bloody Elbow reports that England-based publication Mail Online and Ireland-based news source state that the brawl occurred at the Black Forge pub in Dublin’s Crumlin suburb. The article never names McGregor specifically instead referring to him as an “unnamed celebrity.”

McGregor reportedly fought first with a young man before an older gentleman became involved.

That source further stated that McGregor was seen by bar patrons entering the Black Forge on Sunday night before a melee broke out inside. The alleged brawl involved a young man, a man in his 50s, and a fourth man.

…the fight began when the unnamed celebrity assaulted a young man inside the pub. This, they claim, resulted in a man in his 50s stepping in and being punched by the celebrity. That man in his 50s is described as having close connections to a convicted drug dealer named Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan.

According to Whelan is part of the Kinahan cartel, an organization connected to a number of violent incidents that have occurred in the past couple of years. These incidents include alleged targeted assassinations across Dublin in response to a shooting that occurred in January, 2016 at a boxing weigh-in.

The story concludes with McGregor being taken away from the location without involving authorities. The story’s authenticity has yet to be verified by McGregor, members of his team or the alleged opposing party.

But that didn’t stop McGregor from posting his covered face on Instagram with the caption it “the Celebrity” as if he’s referring to the article.

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