Details on Florida Couple Shooting Themselves in Fake Home Invasion Insurance Scam

What is in the water in Florida? Doug Teixeira and his wife Lindsey Pelton were desperate for cash, so they allegedly staged a home invasion to collect insurance money.

The couple told police two men broke into their Deltona,FL home while they were in the shower and shot them during a home invasion, but the police weren’t buying their story.

The police found bleach and dried blood all over their house and suspected something wasn’t right.

“If this incident just occurred and they called police right away, why would you have dried blood and why do we have bleach all over the house,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood told the News-Journal.  Several inconsistencies” were found in the couple’s story, according to the sheriff’s office, which noted that the crime scene appeared to be staged. Pelton and Teixeira said they were in the shower when the intruders entered the house, but the shower and bath mat were dry. Additionally, cops found no signs of forced entry or tire-spin marks outside.

Surveillance footage revealed no signs of vehicles stopping near the house, other than a school bus.

The couple tried to make their fake story believable by shooting themselves. Lindsey Pelton shot herself in the forearm and Doug Teixeira shot himself in the calf.  For their efforts, they were both charge with giving false information to police, and Teixeira was charged with tampering with evidence.