Details on Florida Man Willie Lee Jordan Jr. Arrested for Leaving His 3-Month-Old Son Upside Down in The Car While He Hit the Strip Club (Video)


Willie Lee didn’t just leave one kid in the car, he left two kids in the car while he was making it rain at the strip club.

Willie Lee Jordan Jr., 23, is accused of leaving two children inside a car while at Scarlett’s Cabaret on Fowler Avenue.

Police say a woman reported hearing children crying inside a vehicle in the Scarlett’s parking lot as she was passing by.

“I walked over to the vehicle and there seems to be an infant, a 3-month old boy who is not strapped in the car seat … upside down, his head is where his feet should be, butt up in the air,” Scarlett’s General Manager Christopher Mays said.

Mays says Jordan was in the club for more than 30 minutes and worries what could have happened if no one heard the cries.

“I mean 3-months old, he was upside down already… he was panicking, God only knows how much longer an upside infant has in a car seat,” Mays said.

Willie Lee had no comment on if he was in love with a stripper and that is why he left his kids in the car.

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