Details on How If You Want a Reservation to Ayesha Curry’s Restaurant You Are Going to Be Waiting a While

If you want a spot at Ayesha’s new Bay Area restaurant you’ll have to wait until next year, February 2018 to be precise.  International Smoke, officially opened it’s doors Monday offering a wide range of bbq and west indian themed food options.

Public seats are limited at the moment to bar area as well as tables set aside for walk-ins.  The Warriors have ben caught dining in at the new digs.

Here’s a brief description from the International Smoke website on it’s food selections.

International Smoke will take guests on a journey to distant places with elevated takes on classic dishes such as: Jerk spice-seasoned Double Duck Wings, sticky mango, and revered Jamaican condiment known as green seasoning. Lemongrass Pork Chop, thinly sliced and charred on the grill, is served with stir fried clams, glass noodles, soy and lime. Binchōtan-Grilled Lobster with Japanese curry-spiced yakiudon. Punjabi-spiced Fish Fry with turmeric pickles, and raïta. The menu also features a section called “Three Little Pigs,” offering three different inspired preparations and flavors of pork such as St. Louis Spareribs, Cuban “Mojo” Ribs, and Japanese Miso Ribs.

All of it sounds absolutely appetizing. Ayesha continues to build and establish her brand.

Flip the pages for photos inside Ayesha’s new San Francisco based restaurant.