Details on Jennifer Hudson Cheating on Fiancee of 10 Years David Otunga With Gospel Producer Mali Music & Then Kicking Otunga Out of Their House For Him Being Upset About Her Cheating


Jennifer Hudson it seems has done her fiancé of 10 years David Otunga very wrong if you believe his story on why they broke up.

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga broke up after he confronted her, claiming she was secretly dating music producer Mali Music … TMZ has learned.

Otunga believes Hudson and Mali Music were having a secret affair for months before the confrontation.

We’re told Jennifer and Mali Music met a few years ago, when she hired him to perform at a party. They became friends and we’re told they have been in the studio together a number of times. She told Charlamagne Tha God back in 2014, “My favorite artist is Mali Music. See, y’all don’t even know who he is. Y’all gotta look up Mali Music, trust me.”

Mali Music was deep into gospel but crossed over into secular music. She calls him her “dream artist.”

As we reported earlier, after Otunga found out about her cheating, Hudson secretly went about getting a protection order and had the cops kick him out of their home.

Otunga only stayed before because he was taking care of their son while she was out of the road.  Otunga had wanted to get married for several years, but Hudson was the one who kept putting off a date for the wedding.  When Ellen Degeneres asked her why here is what she said..

“I’m not in a hurry. He’s not going anywhere,” Hudson, 35, quipped.

Flip the page for photo of Hudson and Mali Music and Mr. Otunga’ lawyer statement on Hudson being petty in this matter by trying to take his son away from him even though Otunga has been the primary caregiver of the last decade because of Hudson’s frequent disappearances…



  1. Bottom line. What goes around comes around. Does anybody remember the fiance she had before she became a star. And then she turned around and got with this guy there’s a lot not being said about who Jennifer is in relationships.

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