Details On Meek Mill Being Granted A New Bail Hearing And Which Judge Will Preside

It has been over a week and a half since Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for a minor probation violation. It was recently reported that Judge Brinkley was being investigated by the FBI for biased relationships in the case. This has resulted in Meek receiving a new bail hearing on November 27, according to CBS Philadelphia.

Per Page,

“The feds have an interest in the judge and her potential relationships. This is an investigation looking into a possible extortionate demand. Undercover agents have been in the courtroom monitoring the Meek proceedings since April 2016.”

Brinkley wanted Meek to give her a shout out by recording a new version of Boyz II Men’s ‘On Bended Knee’ record. Meek declined this request. Despite Meek receiving a hearing that can gain him his freedom, this hearing will take place in front of Judge Brinkley again.