Details on Ric Flair Suing His Former Manager Over Missing Money From ’30 For 30′ Documentary


Ric Flair’s ’30 for 30′ was great. It went through his life and showed how we got the Nature Boy.

This doc was a huge hit for ESPN as an average of 1.8 million people viewed it.

With such a successful doc, what could follow Flair after this? Just a little drama.

TMZ reports, Flair is suing his former manager Legacy Talent & Entertainment for a total of $46,000.

Apparently, LTE received $25,000 from First Row Films but used that to pay legal bills and Ric Flair wasn’t told about any of this, until he reached out to them to figure out where his money was at. Then, Flair hired a lawyer to investigate some finances and discovered a $12,000 royalty advance from Jack’s Fireworks, which Flair signed an endorsement deal with.



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