Details On Rick Pitino Being Aware & Supported Recruiting Scheme

Rick Pitino sued adidas back in October, claiming he was damaged by the company’s,

“Outrageous conduct in conspiring to funnel money to the family of a college basketball recruit.”

Adidas also asked that Pitino’s lawsuit against them to be dismissed as evidence suggests Pitino was aware and was all in to pay college athletes.

The evidence is coming from the criminal complaint, where Pitino called adidas executive, James Gatto, asking for more money for a recruit. And it’s noted that Pitino called three times before the recruit announced his recruitment.

Adidas responded,

“Adidas also notes that major NCAA violations have become a frequent occurrence, arguing the current allegations do not represent outrageous conduct. For example, Adidas points out that Pitino and U of L were penalized earlier this year for recruiting violations “involving sex acts performed for underage basketball recruits.”

The lawsuit claims that he’s been,

“Vilified, ridiculed, and criticized in the local and national media, on social media, and in public and private communications. In addition, it has been “difficult and painful” for Pitino and his his family to appear in public, “especially in Louisville, where they live.”

At this point Pitino is backed into a corner but is denying evidence that’s going against him. Sometimes one has to just take the bullet, heal and recover and in this case Pitino isn’t looking to back down.

Pitino’s lawsuit is blaming the incompetence of the employees,

 “That scheme would not have happened but for the wrongful actions of Adidas and its employees.”


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  • only sorry because you got caught and fired and humiliated by your own actions. so, deal with the consequences.

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