Details on Why The Chinese Dropped All Shoplifting Charges Against LiAngelo Ball; Leaves With Clean Record


The power of the BIG!!! BALLER!!! BRAND!!!! is real and spectacular.

Essentially what happened was a bunch of favors were called in, some money was exchanged and I’d expect some BBB business will be rolling through China. Also the players gave what the stole back, which helped matters.

Donald Trump put in a good word, so the players’ records are now clean as a whistle.

Here are the latest details via China Sports Insider.

After being released in Hangzhou, the players left Shanghai at 9pm local time on China Eastern Airlines flight MU 577 (Delta codeshare), scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles airport at or before 5pm PST (also on Tuesday, due to the time difference). Don’t expect LiAngelo’s brother, Lakers rookie sensation Lonzo, to have the red carpet laid out…

What’s more, ALL charges against the three have been dropped – despite all the evidence against them – meaning the trio return home with a clean record. They were also allowed to travel home in relative freedom rather than being escorted to the airport and officially deported.

With a clean record that means it is likely no suspension from UCLA and they can go about their business.

In the end they just spent a few more days in a luxury hotel for their misdeeds.

Flip the page for video of them leaving China….



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