Detective Sean Suiter Was Murdered The Day Before He Testified Against Crooked Cops in Baltimore (Video)

This could be a coincidence.

But, it would be a very convenient would for the crooked cops wouldn’t it?

Slain Baltimore homicide Detective Sean Suiter was scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury in the case against a squad of indicted officers on the day after he was shot, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Wednesday evening.

The revelation brings together two cases that have sent shock waves through the Police Department and the city as a whole: the federal prosecutions of eight members of the department’s elite gun task force, who are accused of shaking down citizens and conspiring with drug dealers, and the killing of Suiter last week in West Baltimore, the first of an on-duty officer by a suspect in 10 years.

Davis said Wednesday that federal authorities have told him “in no uncertain terms” that Suiter was not a target of their investigation into the Gun Trace Task Force.

When Suiter was engaged with his killer, his partner didn’t try to help him, he ran for cover and called 911.

Here is some information on the crooked gun task force.

A federal grand jury indicted eight task force members earlier this year on charges of racketeering and other violations, and authorities are continuing to investigate allegations related to the squad.

Four officers have pleaded guilty, and at least two of them are cooperating with authorities.

The other four members have pleaded not guilty. They are scheduled for trial in January.

Davis said he was told by federal prosecutors that Suiter was to testify in the case of the indicted officers in relation to an incident from several years ago.

Suiter’s killer is still unknown, but this beg the question on if it was an inside job.

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