Find Out How Colin Kaepernick Helped Black Businesses With His GQ Photoshoot

Colin Kaepernick has always been about the movement and his actions continue to show us. He’s done a great job at literally putting his money where his mouth is about everything that he pledged to do.

Since people think he’s doing nothing because he chooses to remain silent and with the narrative of the protests getting twisted, Kap doing this GQ piece refocuses the original reason for the protests.

Kap has been all about helping black people and he did just that with his GQ piece. Kap’s stylist Rachel Johnson told Refinery29,

He wanted to wear designers of color and/or designers who were women, He wanted to give an opportunity for designers to be featured in the magazine who wouldn’t normally be, especially for a cover shoot of this magnitude. That was was the direction that he gave to [GQ’s creative director] Jim Moore and I.

Johnson then explains the process of getting these designers for Kap.

There are not a huge pool of Black designers to choose from honestly, you know, it didn’t take very long to put our list together,” Johnson explains. From there, her office worked with GQ’s team to start the pulling process. “I reached out who I knew, they reached out to who they knew, and we all did research as well to see if there were other designers who weren’t on either team’s radar.

Kap continues to make sure people with no/little voices are able to be heard or in this case, seen.

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