Gabby Douglas Had a Horrible Take on Twitter Victim Shaming Her Teammate Aly Raisman For Being Sexually Assaulted; Simone Biles Defends Raisman & Hints at Bigger Beef


The concept is very simple.

The only person who is responsible for rape are rapists. You don’t have to rape anyone and it shouldn’t matter what they are wearing or how drunk they are, if you aren’t a rapist the thought of raping someone won’t enter you mind.

People who aren’t sexual predators aren’t enticed to rape anyone regardless of what is going on.

So it is a bit puzzling that Gabby Douglas would say this on twitter about her teammate who was being sexually assaulted by a doctor when she was a teen.

If the crowd is full of rapists it doesn’t matter what you have on because they are rapists.

Considering how Douglas has been objectified over her career, it was just a really odd thing to say. There seems to be some beef with that entire squad.

Flip the page to see what Simone Biles replied to illustrate what I mean…



  1. Didn’t think Gabby liked Ally very much anyway.She didn’t like the ESPN body nude photos that both Simone and Ally did so her shade is no shock. But bitterness aside, No means No, no matter how they chose to dress or pose nude.

  2. When she was getting flack for not having her hand on her heart, they hardly had her back. Clearly there is beef, if anything Gabby can hang on the fact that she won the all-around gold first.

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