Gregg Popovich Doesn’t Know How To Describe Kawhi Leonard’s Injury But Sort of Gives An Update

What’s going on with Kawhi Leonard? We haven’t seen much other that that video of him hobbling onto the plane. No one knows when he’s going to return and Gregg Popovich seem rather confused by this injury.

ESPN’s Michael C. Wright reported that Pop has never seen a quad issue like this.

“Never, never,” Popovich said when asked whether he has seen such a condition hampering one of his players. “What’s really strange is that [point guard] Tony [Parker] has the same injury, but even worse. They had to go operate on his quad tendon and put it back together or whatever they did to it. So to have two guys, that’s pretty incredible. I had never seen it before those guys.”

This has got to be very puzzling for Pop but like always, the Spurs are still moving. Kyle Anderson has come on nicely and LaMarcus Aldridge is doing his thing.

As for when Leonard will return? Well….

I keep saying sooner rather than later,” Popovich said jokingly. “It’s kind of like being a politician. It’s all baloney, doesn’t mean anything.”

Hopefully, Leonard heals up very soon.