Herschel Walker Blasts Marshawn Lynch For Standing For Mexican National Anthem, Sticks Up For Trump In Beef With LaVar Ball (Video)


Herschel Walker was one of the all-time greats while at the University of Georgia in the 80s and was known in the NFL for his time with the Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles, & Giants. His positive notoriety may be going down the drain now as he recently voiced his disapproval of Marshawn Lynch standing for the Mexican national anthem but sitting for the United States’. He also said that LaVar Ball needs to apologize to Donald Trump for not saying thank you for getting LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA teammates out of China.

Per TMZ Sports, Walker had this to say about Lynch.

“To stand for the Mexico anthem and sit for the American anthem is total disrespect,” Said Walker. “Lost respect for you. That’s just not right.”

It’s sad to see another black athlete who was once beloved fall from grace by failing to use their platform to advocate for change and racial equality in America in a time where white supremacy seems to be swept under the rug. Walker went on to say that if athletes want to see change, they should take their concerns to Washington D.C. This proposal by Walker would most likely be ineffective due to the majority of leaders in our nation’s capital opposing change that would benefit minorities.

Flip the page to see Walker’s controversial thoughts on Lynch and Ball.



  1. No Excuses for Hershel on this, you may think trump is the reason for your financial and business success not the case it was all you being prepared for the opportunity and that’s exactly why you Hershel Walker should be giving other black folk the respect to protest the murders of the innocent by thug cops, respect for those before you who sacrificed their lives that you may have the opportunities that you now enjoy. The only problem is with those who choose to ignore what this protests is really about, injustice

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