How LaVar Ball Has Hurt LiAngelo Chances of Getting Out of China Sooner; How The Reality Show Plans to Handle Arrest


LiAngelo Ball is in big trouble.

He and is 2 teammates were caught red-handed stealing from high-end stores that included Gucci and Louis Vuitton in China.

People are trying to help them get out of the country, but LaVar caused a bit of a setback according to TMZ.

Here’s the problem … LaVar has already reportedly gotten LiAngelo in deeper trouble by publicly downplaying the incident. He was reportedly told to shut his mouth and keep a low profile on the matter until the legal issue is resolved.

As far as the reality show, they are debating how to handle it.

Obviously, producers know covering LiAngelo while he’s being investigated would be reality gold — but it could also send the wrong message to Chinese officials that he’s not taking the matter seriously.

One “Ball in the Family” source says show honchos are still trying to come up with a plan — “It’s too early to say how, or if, the incident will be covered in the show.”

I definitely want to see this episode.


  1. THIS Brotha in more trouble than he realize !! China is place Human RIGHTS is nonexistence !! AND The Political climate our state dept is not going to do much EVEN if the China Listin to them..these communist country’s “don’t play the radio” Ball might wanta just chilout !!! because Nobody in the world can tell the Chinese government What to Do !!
    I PRAY for them !! Because they at the mercy of the Chinese government and that is Never never ever GOOD a thing…the Chinese government does what ever when ever and our government as specially TRUMP is not going left a finger to help…this is not GOOD

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