How LeBron Was The Driving Force Behind TRUMP SOHO Hotel’s Economic Failure & Why That is Likely Why Twitter Honey Trump Scared to Come at The King


Donald Trump won’t go after white men in sports, but he will go after black men in sports every single day on twitter.

He does it to rile up his racist fan base, but curiously he never has went after LeBron James who called him a bum, but according to the NY Times we may know why he doesn’t.

It is all about dollars and cents. Trump essentially rents out his name to hotels and in the past that meant something positive, but now it has a negative association and it is causing problems.

Here are the details.

The Trump Organization, which operates the 46-story building, announced on Tuesday that because of faltering business, it had reached a deal with the hotel’s owner, the CIM group, to excise the Trump name from the hotel. By as soon as the end of next month, the association with the president may be gone.

The building, which includes condominium apartments, has lost revenue, shuttered restaurants and slashed prices as the professional sports teams and corporate guests who were its mainstays checked out and never returned, according to hotel staff, shedding more guests with each controversy involving the White House.

Vitrines along the wall held bath products encrusted in faux diamonds and a Trump-branded terry cloth bathrobe of a kind that the president himself may or may not wear. A group of Russians milled in the lounge.

But the glitter masked a challenging reality, according to a longtime member of the staff who asked not to be named because employees had signed a nondisclosure agreement. After LeBron James publicly refused to stay at the hotel last year, the corporate clients and 20 or so sports teams that had been regular guests almost entirely disappeared, the staff member said. Porters whose base salaries were once buoyed by up to $60,000 a year in gratuities have earned half as much in tips.

Many employees, some of whom are immigrants from countries targeted by Mr. Trump’s policies, quit, the staff member said.

LeBron’s words carries weight, this isn’t LaVar Ball and Trump who is likely afraid of strong black men, doesn’t want to battle against someone who has as much juice as he has.

Which should be even more reason for LeBron to keep speaking out.


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