If Malcolm Jenkins Succeeds in Stopping Players From Protesting Against Racism & Police Brutality During Anthem The NFL Will Let Him Control 50% of The Almost $100 Mil of Hush Money


In the end it is always about the money.

If nothing is shady why did Jenkins have to do the negotiating in secret? Why did he agree to it, knowing that others wouldn’t.

I think we know why.

The agreement calls for national funds to be allocated accordingly: 25 percent to the United Negro College Fund; 25 percent to Dream Corps; and 50 percent to the Players Coalition, which has filed 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) paperwork for nonprofit status as a fiscally sponsored project.

Essentially, Jenkins will be in control of half of the money. That doesn’t mean he won’t put it to good use, but it does show that he can be bought. If he would have been open with all the players, he wouldn’t have gotten as much backlash, but by doing it in secret, it makes it seem like he has something to hide.

The NFL has purchased Jenkins cooperation on this matter.


  1. Malcolm controlling 50 million dollars carries a lot of clout, Is it worth being seen as a sell out, You are being used as a pawn for the owners and Donald the Buffoon Trump.

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