Jerry Jones & Arthur Blank Are Beefing Over Goodell’s Contract; How One Owner Snitched The Beef to Media


The NFL is a mess right now.

Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank are beefing, Goodell doesn’t know what he is doing and we have owners snitching. This is like the TV show Playmakers (NFL had ESPN cancel the show).

In a letter sent late Wednesday by Cowboys general counsel Jason Cohen to owners on the compensation committee and NFL counsel Brad Karp, Jones claimed he “has discovered a number of very concerning issues” while engaged as a committee member, including that “the Ownership (sp) and Jerry Jones now understand that they have been unquestionably misled” by Blank and that “critical facts” have been misrepresented regarding Goodell’s contract.

The letter, which was copied to all NFL owners, alleges that Blank told owners, including Jones, on numerous occasions, that the six-man committee’s recommendation would be unanimous. Two ownership sources, however, said the committee is not currently unanimous on Goodell’s contract, which is in its final stages. Jones’ letter alleges Blank backed off his word there would be “unanimity” on the committee before the extension would be finalized.

An owner source who claims to be “on the fence” regarding the dispute provided a copy of the correspondence to ESPN. It was verified by two other sources. The tone of the letter paints a specific conflict between Jones and Blank under the larger context of negotiations and league protocol.

Two sources believe there are “about 15 owners” who want to review the details of any final proposal to Goodell before it is completed.

This is just getting good.


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