Jerry Jones on If He Will Follow Through on Suing The NFL Over Roger Goodell’s Contract

Late Tuesday evening per Bleacher Report, Jerry Jones has decided to no longer Sue the NFL and calls off his threat over Roger Goodell’s contract. This ends one of the league’s vexed standoff in recent years.

Jerry Jones sent a letter to fellow owner and chairman of the committee, Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons.

” He threatened to sue because he did not feel the committee understood his demand that all owners, not just those on the committee have a voice.”

After the compensation committee received valuable feedback from a number of owners Jones said he will stand down with his threat of litigation against the committee. This all started once Goodell kept insisting the NFL suspended Cowboys star RB, Ezekiel Elliot, and now that Elliot has decided to serve his 6 game suspension it seems the Cowboys owner will also end his fight against the NFL.

This goes to show just how much power Goodell does have in the NFL.