Kendra Wilkinson Apologizes on Twitter If Her Cotton Picking Video Offending Anyone


I would chalk this up to being dumb than racist.

I find it interesting her black husband Hank Baskett was egging her on, instead of maybe mentioning the optics of the situation. I would be more offended about that than her ignorance.  I don’t believe her intentions were to offend, just white people don’t think how others might be offended.

TMZ explains how it went down.

Kendra knocked off an odd bucket list item Wednesday when she pulled over — mid-road trip with her husband, Hank Baskett — to wander into a random field and pick a cotton bulb clean.

Kendra joked she might get shot for trespassing — a legit concern, to be honest — but the tone deaf move came when she loudly celebrated, and posted it on social media. Perhaps a little too giddy for something so connected to slavery?

Flip the pages for Kendra’s explanation…



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