Kevin Durant Called Russ Westbrook a P*ssy; Russ Called KD “Soft”; Mama Durant is Glad it is Over (Video)

I think Kevin Durant is finally understanding that Russell Westbrook doesn’t like him and they are never going to be friends, so he needs to take his manhood back and stop acting soft and sensitive.

Last night was a step in the right direction.

The two former teammates had a couple of minor altercations during what was one of the most anticipated games of the young season. Late in the second quarter, Westbrook denied a post entry into Durant and the ball sailed out of bounds. Westbrook turned to the Warriors’ bench and yelled, “No!” Durant pointed at Westbrook while just smiling.

In the third quarter, tempers flared even more. Westbrook was guarding Durant on the right wing and he almost stole the ball, slapping it out of bounds. The two began jawing at one another and inching closer. Soon, they were forehead to forehead, talking trash.

Durant was seen saying, “You’re a p—y.” Westbrook responded, “You’re soft.”

Mama Durant is just glad it is over.

“I just think it’s a lot of unnecessary hype around all of this really,” she told ESPN. “It’s just a game. It’s basketball. So, I don’t know. I’ll be glad when it’s over because it’s really unnecessary. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.”

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