Kevin Durant on Not Understanding Why Fans Are Still Giving Him Hard Time For Leaving OKC; Calls His Haters “Weird & Corny”

Kevin Durant may never be able to fully let go of the backlash he received after leaving Thunder for Warriors.

I think he believed a title would calm it down, but if anything it intensified it, causing KD to have burning Twitter accounts to deal with the social media hate.

It has been over a year and he still can’t understand why people hate him. Here is what he had to say to the Mercury News about it.

If you’re not around me every day, you don’t know my routine, you don’t know my reaction to sh-t, you don’t know how I view things, you don’t know me. You might see me play every day, but you don’t know me really. That right there … It took me a couple weeks to just be like, “Hold up. This sh-t is not real at all.”

I understand in a basketball sense that you want to be so loyal to your team, and you want to feel like you’re a part of something, because everybody wants to feel like they’re a part of something. So, I understood that part but it’s got to the point now, it’s like, now it’s getting big. Like, come on man, what are we even talking about this for? This is basketball, I’m enjoying myself playing basketball. What you say and what you do is not affecting my work. That’s the most important thing is the work.

Now it’s more so … I’m looking at everybody else like they’re weird and they’re corny now because, it’s been a year straight of you calling me all types of names, telling me this, telling me that because I decided to play basketball in another place. Look how stupid that sounds when we got bigger issues going on, we got people that need help, that need our attention, and we’re focusing on … It’s easy to lose focus as humans, so easy, and we’re focusing on this. I’m going to be here for a long time so you going to be mad for awhile, and you’d rather be mad for awhile than just accept it, that’s on you.

The best way to handle it, if he really feels this way is to ignore it. You can’t change how someone feels about you, so you either going to let it bother you or you going to move on.

It doesn’t look like KD is ready to move on quite yet.