Kobe Gives Steph Curry Advice On How To Play Through The Same Finger Injury He Had

Stephen Curry has been dealing with a finger injury throughout the start of this season. Despite putting up some solid performances, the pain still affects him after games. Another hall of fame great who experienced this same injury was Kobe Bryant. Curry turned to Bryant for advice on how to play through this type of injury despite its long term circumstances.

Bryant said to Curry that this was one of the most painful injuries of his career and that it took him months for it to finally get him right. He also told Curry that he needs his finger wrapped and padded properly and that he must find a way to keep his same shooting form despite the pain.

Curry’s finger injury doesn’t seem to be holding him back as he poured in 28 points in a win vs the Lakers Wednesday night but did shoot 9/20 so it may be a cause for concern long term.