Kristaps Porzingis Has Some Interesting Things To Say To BSO About Knicks (Video)


The Knicks have been on a seesaw since they started their season and keeping the energy alive through the second half is something that’s often lost. We spoke with Kristaps Porzingis about keeping the momentum to close out these games.

If there’s something these New York teams can all do is let down fans in the latter half portion of the game. I think the only team that saves themselves from this stereotype are the Yankees. In addition, I’m a New Yorker and can criticize these teams.

But alas, the Knicks have had issues maintaining a lead in the second. In fact, jokes are constantly said. The team could be up by 20 points and then bam, there’s 3 minutes in the third quarter and suddenly they’re leading by 5.

The Knicks made sure to keep that momentum alive during their game against the Suns. The Suns are a young tough squad that will bring trouble in the next couple of years. Kristaps Porzingis spoke with us about the importance of keeping that momentum to maintain that lead. Will the team improve on this? We sure hope so because excuses are running out.

The Knicks face the Pacers on Sunday November 5 as they try to continue this streak of wins.