MAGA Was Not Pleased About a NY Daily News Article on The Inequality in Opportunities for Black vs White QBs

It isn’t even a debatable point.

There were a time not too long ago that black quarterbacks were thought to be too dumb to play the position.

While researching this article I found a 2011 Bleacher Report pst about Cam Newton after he was drafted by the Panthers. It was written by Jim Folsom, I have no issue with him saying he thought Cam would be a bust, that is what draft guys do, it is how he says it though that is a problem.

Cam Newton is no brainiac. From all accounts, he came off as an idiot on Jon Gruden’s show on ESPN. He looked as if he had no idea what was going on. He was stumped by Gruden’s questions. Some even said he looked bored.Did he get by at Auburn on sheer athletic ability? Of course he did. He’s a freak athlete. Most of his yardage was gained by running the football. But this is the NFL. You had better be able to read defenses, pick up blitzes, recognize different coverages, etc. or you will not last long.

It tells us that he is not smart enough to do his own work and get a passing grade. But you expect him to outsmart guys like Dick LeBeau?

He goes on to compare to Tim Tebow. Anyone who watched Tebow at Florida knew he would struggle as a passer in NFL, but this guy thought he was going to be the next Peyton Manning.

Let’s ask Denver Broncos fans if they would like to trade Tebow for Newton straight up. They would laugh in your face. Football fans know even if the experts have no clue. We can spot a fraud when we see one.

In five years, when Tebow is leading Denver into the playoffs and Cam Newton is riding someone’s bench, remember this article.

Tebow did win one playoff game to his credit, but Cam no matter what you think of him is a NFL MVP and led his team to the Super Bowl. That is quite the opposite of a bust.

That was in 2011, so like I said we aren’t that far removed from these type of racial stereotypes. So, when someone like Chuck Modiano of the NY Daily News brings them to light one would hope people would pay attention when he dropping facts like these.

On Sunday, the Buccaneers beat the Jets, 15-10 in what could be called the White Hope QB Super Bowl.

Before Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown took the field, never before in NFL history had two quarterbacks who played for so many teams started against each other. Their combined stats are mind-boggling:

68 Wins

116 Losses

15 Combined teams (starting for 13)

0 Playoff Games

Brock’s $36M for five wins sounds right given it’s the Texans. No NFL coach has tested and experimented with more white hopes than head coach Bill O’Brien who has started Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett, Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, T.J. Yates, Brandon Weeden, Osweiler, and Tom Savage in only three years. O’Brien basically white-hoped-out himself into drafting DeShaun Watson. Good move.

There is a good portion of our country that doesn’t believe in equality, so why would one expect the NFL to be any different?

Especially when the majority of coaches, management and owners look a lot more like Ryan Fitzpatrick than Tyrod Taylor.

MAGA social media was up in arms about the article, because they protect their white supremacy the same way they protect their President, sexual abusers and pedophile politicians.

Flip the pages for a few of the more interesting (racist) tweets…

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