Malcolm Jenkins Says He Will No Longer Protest Against Racism & Police Brutality During Anthem After NFL’s $100 Mil Hush Money Offer; Jenkins Confirms NFL Offer Only Good IF Players Stop Protesting


If there was any confusion about if the NFL offered Malcolm Jenkins $100 million to get players to stop protesting during the anthem there shouldn’t be now after his latest comments.

On top of that Jenkins confirms that the only reason the NFL is offering the money is for the players to stand down from their public protests during the anthem.

This is exactly what Eric Reid accused Jenkins of doing behind some of the players back.

Reid said he received a text from Jenkins on Wednesday morning asking him if he would be comfortable ending the demonstrations if the NFL made a donation to the player coalition.

“At that point, that was the last straw for me,” Reid said. “He had a conversation with the NFL, we agreed that multiple people would be in all conversations with the NFL, it wouldn’t just be him solely, so he didn’t stand by his word on that. At no point did we ever communicate that an agreement with the NFL would end the protests, so for him to come to that point with the league, it was the last straw for me.”

“Malcolm, which is also a concern that I raised with him, Malcolm kicked Colin out of the coalition following the meeting in New York at the beginning of the season,” Reid said.

“There was a group message — I guess he was the administrator of the message, and he took Colin out.”

While the $100 million is great it should be noted it will be spread out over 7 years and split between the 32 teams. The only reason it was offered was to stop the players from protesting, it wasn’t done because the NFL cares about the causes of the protest.


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