Man Figures if He Dresses in Blackface Cops Won’t Know He’s a White Man Robbing Bank


A white man thought it would be a good idea to disguise himself as a black man whilst attempting to rob a bank. Jarred Schmittle, who also had a beanie at the time was caught on the bank’s surveillance camera trying to rob a Corona bank in August. Schmittle was arrested on Wednesday at his Lake Elsinore home, Riverside County officials confirmed on Thursday per East Bay Times.

The Lake Elsinore sheriff’s station was called to the Wells Fargo Bank in the 11000 block of De Palma Road in Corona after a silent alarm was triggered on the 18 of August. Deputies learned that a white man, “with obvious dark make-up to disguise his appearance,” demanded money from a teller via a note he handed over and also told the teller he had a gun. Schmittle ran out of the bank a few seconds later empty handed but identified himself by his surname.

Officials booked Schmittle into the Cois Byrd Detention Center in French Valley.

Flip the page to check out the tweet FBI Los Angeles put out.

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SOURCEEast Bay Times


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