Men Offer to Pay Bail For Kiara Barlow After She’s Arrested for Trying to Set Her Baby Daddy on Fire & Bleaching His Clothes; Check Out Her Best IG Model Pics & Vids


Every couple of weeks a cute mugshot comes out and men or women lose their mind over it.

Only once in a blue moon will you see someone like the original prison bae guy blow up and become a millionaire (after leaving his wife and kids), most of the time it is forgotten by the following week.

With that being said here is our new Prison Bae and it looks like she has quite a temper.

A Newport News woman is facing charges after she allegedly tried to burn a man and set his clothes on fire.

Newport News police say they were called to a domestic situation on Michael Irvin Drive Wednesday afternoon.

Officers spoke with a 24-year-old man, who said he been in an argument over the phone with his former girlfriend and mother of his children. During the phone call, she reportedly told him she was going to pour bleach on his clothes.

This man told police he had allowed this woman, 23-year-old Kiara S. Barlow, to stay at his home the past several weeks.

Police say the man later found bleach poured over his clothes after returning home.

He reportedly told Barlow to leave. Police say Barlow unsuccessfully tried to light his bleach-covered clothes on fire.

Barlow is also accused of threatening to burn the man while trying to ignite a lighter in the spray of an aerosol can.

I personally never want this type of love, but some men find it very attractive.

The interesting thing was she was homeless and the baby daddy was being nice letting her stay with him. She got mad when he went on a date even though they aren’t together.

If you check out the Facebook page for the story there are many man willing to pay her bail. While I am not paying any bail, I can give you her IG page along with some non mugshot photos.

Flip the pages to check it out…



  1. Be careful of what you asked for you just might get it! She be like letting a vampire in your house ,once they get in you can’t get them out and eventually going to kill you

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