Michael Irving on if Steve Smith Was Actually Going to Whoop His Ass (Video)


Fans on social media expressed concerned when Steve Smith said he would whoop Michael Irving’s ass after he made fun of his plaid pants after a Thursday Night Football game.  Irving laughed it off, but Smith looked dead serious when he said he would beat up Irving for insulting his plaid pants.

The exchange had fans concerned that Smith was actually going to fight Irving, and Irving even issued an apology later on.  Well, some TMZ cameras caught up to Irving and he explained the entire situation was just for the cameras.

This could be a valid explanation and sounds plausible, but I don’t know about this one. If it was anyone else it would be 100% convincing, but this is nose breaking teammate fighting Steve Smith we are talking about here. Flip the page for video of Smith threatening to whoop Micahel Irving’s ass.



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