Mothers Fight Over Kids at Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese is known as a place where kids gather around and have a lot of fun but sometimes the unthinkable happens and adults just end up spoiling all the fun.

Sara Gibbs and Kristen McCart are the latest people to add themselves to the list of parent brawlers that have occurred at the restaurant. The fight started when one mother confronted the other in front of the location in Athens after her child was knocked over by another boy and fell over per Athens-Clarke County police report. Despite her child being at fault for knocking the other kid over, McCart chased Gibbs outside, where they argued and a fistfight involving a total of five adults ensued, police confirmed. Bystanders caught the fight on cellphone camera between the two moms in the parking lot.

“Multiple people are attempting to separate the physical altercation which led to more pushing and yelling, causing the altercation to worsen,’ a police officer wrote in a report. ‘Eventually, the two were separated and the altercation returns to a verbal dispute.”

One of the women involved had bruising under her right eye and the swelling. However, she denied any sort of medical treatment per Daily Mail. Adidas Whitehead, who is McCart’s boyfriend punched two women during the altercation.

McCart, Gibbs and Whitehead were charged with public fighting. Whitehead was also charged with battery.

Flip the page to check out the mug shots of the three offenders.

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