Paul Wall Gifts Astros Players & Coaches With ‘World Champs’ Grills

Houston is the epicenter of the baseball world right now since they won the World Series last week. The last time a professional team in Houston won it all was the Rockets in 1995.

Houston rapper Paul Wall promised to give the teams grills for their accomplishment and followed through with it. The grills are 18 karats with ‘World Champs’ inscribed on them. Eight were created.

Local Houston TV news station KHOU 11 caught up with Johnny Dang, the man who made the grills.

“We are so excited to see the world champs wear the grills,” adding, “Hopefully it happens again soon.” (Via KHOU 11)

Flip the page for KHOU 11’s story on Paul Wall’s gifts to the Astros and Johnny Dang speaking on his custom pieces.