Sean Kingston Claims He Slept With Serena Williams (Video)

So are we taking about the same Serena Williams? The Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams? I have to hear this.

During a recent interview on BBC 1 Radio show Smashed with Sloth.  Sean Kingston shares a few secrets and I don’t think anyone was expecting the answer he gave. Host, Charlie Sloth pictured behind the bar in the video starts the interview with your normal “get to know me ” questions.

After taking shots the host asks Sean to choose a person for each of the following categories: Wifey (as in to marry), adult wrestle (as in to “sleep with “) and avoid (as in to never see again).

For his wife, Sean chooses Lauren London, for his smash he chooses Meagan Good and for who he will avoid he jokes Bow Wow.

Proceeding with the guy talk Charlie asks the million dollar question, when he asks who the most famous lady he has ever “adult wrestled with.” His answer, short and sweet.  Serena Williams. That’s right Serena Williams. Now I’m not sure if I believe this, but Kingston goes into detail explaining how ” she wouldn’t allow him to pay for things when they were out” and admitting he didn’t see what he had when he had her.

Which he’s never made clear when he actually had her. The interview is quite interesting to say the least.

In the video Kingston speaks about Serena at around the 10:30 mark.

Flip the page to check out the full video.

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