See How Much Mike Pence Cost Indy Police Department With Stunt to Try to Upstage 49ers Kneeling Against Racism

Mike Pence pulled one hell of stunt when he went to the Colts vs 49ers game and then left when players protested during the national anthem.

Pence was in Las Vegas to speak and then flew to Indy to do his “PR” stunt after players protested, only to have fly to Los Angeles for a Republican National Committee event. CNN came up with a price tag for that and it was around $240,000 for us to pay.

Now, new reports are coming out about what the Indy police department had to pay for all the additional security they had to provide.

According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Indy police department spent $14,163.36.

Wasting all that money for what?


10 thoughts on “See How Much Mike Pence Cost Indy Police Department With Stunt to Try to Upstage 49ers Kneeling Against Racism

  • So what, BLM has cost police departments across America over $ 1 million in overtime and swat teams covering their stupid protests. All lives matter, not just African-Americans.

    • It wouldn’t cost anything if you people where not so bent on making your self feel better by trampling on other people rights Hal Cook, I hope you never lose a family member the way a lot of families of color have and if you do…..feel the pain…

    • Lmao you so stupid. How much money do the Alt Right, Klan members and white protesters cost he police again. You’re stupid very stupid. And I hope you get hit by a train on your way to work.

    • This miscreant’s ‘mindset’ (hal) is why the bias & bigotry persist in this country. He refers to this legitimate protest as “stupid”. The stupidity is the continuing legacy of racial discrimination, injustice, & police brutality. I’m sure he’s a roy moore ‘sympathizer’ & supporter. He IS the problem & the cancer known as white supremacy..

    • That’s not BLM’s fault. Those people are private citizens. Pence isn’t.

    • So what…KKK has cost countless dollars and lives over the course of decades. All over their stupid ego which lead to the “stupid” protests lead by black people tired of systemic discrimination and oppression. All lives matter but since it seems as if black lives don’t, we are forced to assemble and shout it. Stop being dumb Hal.

  • Had he stayed, it would have been less since there wouldn’t have been contra-flow traffic.

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