Shannon Sharpe Responds to Twitter User Saying He & LaVar Ball Can’t Be Pro Black if They Sleep With White Women

It’s a topic that has been discussed in the African American community for years — can you actually love your black skin and your black people, if you choose to love and date outside your race?

A twitter user and pro black advocate named Cynthia took LaVar Ball and the uber talented Shannon Sharpe to task just now, for being so pro-black, while dating and sleeping with white women.

Cynthia, who states her main focus is on repairing the black relationship, believes Sharpe — who was falsely accused of rape by a white woman and reportedly is engaged to one now — can’t be pro black, while doing his part to sustain white supremacy.

It’s a conversation we’ve had in our communities for years, but the question remains, is she right? The answer is she isn’t. As long as you are being disrespectful to black women or shucking and jiving for white people, you can be pro-black and love whoever you want.

Flip The Page to See Her Thoughts on the matter and Sharpe’s Response:

133 thoughts on “Shannon Sharpe Responds to Twitter User Saying He & LaVar Ball Can’t Be Pro Black if They Sleep With White Women

  • If his dating practices diluted his message she would have a point but he says what some of us want to but don’t have the platform. So would the People who say he isn’t Pro-Black because he dates a White Woman want him to stop speaking out on racial issues that affect us? The People who are upset are only venting on Facebook while he has a National audience. He puts America’s racist practices in the spotlight/just maybe this will save one Black life which is more than venting on Facebook ever has.

  • When the white partner takes a stand against racism I’ll believe in people like him dating white. When he goes after a white woman like he did Cynthia G, I will have more respect. Would this woman be with him if he was poor and not famous?

  • Frederick Douglass married a white woman in the 1870’s and I doubt she or any other black person like her has done even half of what he did. But I feel her plight. Nobody has had the BLACK man back more than the BLACK woman. Would these same pink thots fxxx with these dudes if they worked a regular 9 to 5…

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