The 5-4 Bills are Benching Tyrod Taylor; Here is What Taylor Recently Said About Black QBs Being Held to Higher Standard


Tyrod Taylor has a completion % of 64%, 12 total TDs & 3 INTs and a passing rating of 91.

The Bills coach on Monday said he wouldn’t be benched after a poor performance against Saints, but on Wednesday he proved to be a liar and did just that.

The Buffalo Bills have benched quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and Nathan Peterman will start on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers, coach Sean McDermott said Wednesday.

Peterman, a rookie fifth-round pick, replaced Taylor with less than five minutes remaining in Sunday’s 47-10 loss to the Saints. Taylor completed nine of 18 passes for 56 yards before being benched.

“We are in the playoff hunt, and we are always focused on becoming the best team possible,” McDermott said. “We were made for better than 5-4.”

The Bills aren’t better than 5-4 and likely will be worse with a rookie quarterback, but here is what Taylor had to say about black quarterbacks being held to higher standard back on October.

“It’s always going to be twice as bad just because of who I am – an African-American quarterback,” Taylor said. “Look across the league, man. We’re held to a certain standard. We almost have to be perfect.

“I wouldn’t say it’s just an African-American quarterback thing. It’s an African-American athlete thing – or just an African-American thing. And that’s not anything I just found out. It’s been that way since I was a kid.”

“I’m held to a higher standard – and I welcome that,” Taylor said. “Because it’ll make me a better player.”

Taylor wasn’t lying and the Bills just proved his point.

It is unheard of for a QB to be benched after a poor game when more or less he’s been solid for the majority of the year.

Most coaches show extreme loyalty to their quarterbacks (see Jay Cutler), but not for Taylor.


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