Thieves Robbed Venus Williams’ Home While She Was at US Open; Here’s What They Got Away With

It’s been a rough year for Venus Williams.

Earlier this year she was involved in a fatal accident in which police falsely blamed her for causing it, only to have to turn around and admit she didn’t later.

Now TMZ is reporting her home was robbed while she was in NYC playing in the Open.

It unfortunately appears the thieves made off with some pretty pricey items:

The scumbags who broke into Venus Williams‘ Florida home made off with 16 very expensive designer purses valued around $400,000.

As we previously reported, Williams told police her house was hit between Sept. 1 and Sept. 5 — while she was in NY competing in the U.S. Open.

We’re told at least some of the bags were Hermes — the company that makes the Birkin bags which can cost a fortune.

One source tells us Williams is also reported missing nearly 200 photos and some jewelry after the heist — though the exact details are still unclear.

Hopefully her things can be recovered, but with the type of money the Williams sisters have made over the years, I’m sure whatever materials were lost can be replaced.

We’re just happy no one was hurt in the process.

Flip the pages for examples of some of the expensive stuff taken, via TMZ: