Tony Gonzalez Says Colin Kaepernick Will Never Play in the NFL Again and Ezekiel Elliott Will Serve Suspension


Tony Gonzalez was recently spotted by TMZ and asked his opinion on the NFL’s biggest hot button issues, Colin Kaepernick and Ezekiel Elliott.

Last week Kaepernick’s Lawyer said that the QB would be signed within the next 10 days, six days later that does not look to be remotely true. When asked about Kaepernick’s chances of playing in the NFL Gonzalez said, “I don’t think he’ll ever get a chance. Never again.”

Gonzalez does not believe that Kaep is good enough to warrant the distraction that would come along with signing him, especially at this point of the year since we are already headed into week 10 of the NFL season. Gonzalez does believe that Kaep may be better than some people in the NFL right now and does not doubt that Kaep has the ability to play in the NFL, he just does not believe he is good enough to put up with everything that comes along with him.

When asked about Ezekiel Elliott’s situation, Gonzalez believes that the Dallas Cowboys and Zeke are trying to avoid a suspension for this year at least and hoping that he will not have to serve it next year like Tom Brady had to, but Gonzalez says he thinks Zeke may end up suspended for this year.

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