Marshawn Lynch’s Mom Calls Out Donald Trump on Twitter For Trump Wanting Beastmode Suspended


One person, you might not want to mess with? Mama Lynch. I’m sure everything great about Marshawn is with huge thanks to his mom, so Trump might’ve flown into dangerous territory.

During yesterday’s Mexico game, Lynch decided to sit for the American National Anthem, yet stand for Mexico’s… those of us that understand the protest and what it’s truly about, understand Lynch’s reasoning. The others? In walks Trump, the president of the US, who decided to call out Lynch for being “disrespectful” and called for the Raiders to suspended him.

Little did Trump know that Lynch network comes with some heavy hitters like his mother and his close friend, Marcus Peters. Peters called for Trump to invite him and Lynch to the White House for a conversation. And yes, he was serious.

Who knows if Trump will ever get over the fact that there are bigger things to be concerned about than suspending athletes for being advocates for their community. It’s still baffling that people don’t understand what our athletes are doing.

Flip the page for Marshawn’s mom tweet…



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